One Custom Kit at a Time

Unlike the original manufacturer who makes and stocks hundreds of kits at a time, Aerostatic custom makes every individual kit, one at a time. You may ask why this matters. It matters a lot because, as we notice a defect or an area that is wearing prematurely, we can correct the problem immediately on your new kit. Specializing in Dental upholstery since 1985, Aerostatic has seen and made a lot of relevant improvements for the betterment of patient comfort and longevity of the upholstered kit.

Sewing Techniques

Our sewing technicians have years of experience, repeatedly sewing the same kits. As a result, we have devised advanced techniques to provide unsurpassed, excellent quality upholstery packages and support products. This is extremely important because all vinyls have different properties and react differently to cutting, sewing and wear. For example, the softest leather-look everyone loves, requires a totally different process because it stretches so much over time when used on a Patient Chair. The more experience and knowledge the sewers have handling vinyls, the better the product. As new vinyls are developed, so are new methods and sewing techniques necessary to utilize them.

Like the Foundation of your House

That's right! As the old saying goes, your house is only as good as the foundation it sits on. Well, the new upholstery package is only as good as the FOAM, which is the foundation, that's inside it. There are literally dozens of varieties and even more qualities of foam and, of course, the cost of these qualities are reflected in the purchase price. To compensate for this, some shops may use lesser grade foam, or simply add a thin layer of new foam on top of your old weakened foam. Without the strength of the new foam, all the stress is transferred to the vinyl and the sewing in the seams, which could cause premature failure of the product.

Not so at Aerostatic. Our policy is to use only the correct, NEW foam, of the best quality and density to meet your needs.

To go one step further, unless you know where the foam and other products are made, they may be coming offshore and then, do you really don't know what's in the upholstery package you are buying? Our foam is made in Canada.

There's More than Meets the Eye

Aerostatic, in addition to our upholstery shop, has an in-house metal shop which provides metal fabrication and welding, a wood shop which provides woodworking and wood forming, and a painting facility to paint dental chairs and dental lights. Why do we mention this? Well, without these shops and the experienced technicians at our disposal, many little, but very crucial facets may go unnoticed or neglected, because they are not visible in the finished product. Some examples: a back on a Belmont 025 that needs welding, broken hinges in a Pelton Crane Chairman Chair elbow rest, broken lock bolts in the arm or back of a Dental EZ J Chair. Such hidden flaws, unnoticed for a time, will become an unwelcomed, expensive liability when they fail in future. To my knowledge, we are the only dental upholstery company that provides all of the trades required to do the complete job.

Get to the Core of it

It's not only what you see, but what you don't see that you should be concerned about. In the past 15 years or more, original manufacturers have been making upholstery packages using substrate, or molded plastic cores, vacuum forming foam to the plastic, which they then cover with vinyl.

The primary reason for their adapting this process is that it is less expensive to manufacture. As well as saving time using this assembly process, lower skilled labourers are hired to replace costly experienced sewing technicians. The problem is that the plastic substrate is breaking apart and, thereafter, cannot or should not be used as a safe base upon which to reupholster... yet almost all of the manufacturers continue using this inferior technique. To purchase a new kit from the same manufacturer in future will result in the same problem.

Less patient comfort on long procedures, can also be a concern because of the harder and thinner foam.

We at Aerostatic discard these old seats in the garbage and build you a new one using fir plywood substrate, which will never break and which can be reupholstered repeatedly as you update your office.

Our guarantee… “If the plywood cores break we will replace them FREE OF CHARGE"

Read all about it and and download our Wooden Cores flyer HERE.

It Comes Later

What's the point of all this reading, or all our effort to inform you? On the outset, many of the items we are pointing out are hidden from view in the finished product. The cost comes later upon premature upholstery failure or chair breakdown. By then it's too late. It's similar to the unexpected bill that comes in the mail after a service call. Faced with more expenditures and unneeded stress, you realize that the cheapest price at the onset is not always the least expensive way to purchase!

Really ... unless you are able to go to the upholstery shop and watch what is being done to your Kit, and what they are putting inside it, you don't know what you are getting. This is where our over-25 years of proven high standards and reliability are to your advantage.

Know who you are buying from! Aerostatic Technology Canada leads the trade with:

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