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Determining the make of your chair!

Here is some handy info to help you determine the make of your chair as well as images and tips on how to take the photos we need to provide you with a quote.     Photos of your Chair    Photos of your Stool

You might want to print the page to have with you as a reference while you are taking your photos.

For multiple chairs and/or rooms, submit the first form with images then click the BACK button to enter more details and change existing info ie room number. 

Got all your details? Great let's fill in the form.


Office Name:
Contact Name:
Room# or Operator's Name:
Doctor's Name:*
Make and model of chair:

Please provide pictures of the chair. Please make sure your pictures include a complete picture of the chair base. 

Upload left side view photo:
Upload right side view photo:
Upload front view photo:
Upload back view photo:
Upload underside specifically manufacturers ID tag:
Upload any manufacturers logos visible on the chair:
Upload other helpful photos:

For proper identification of your stools it is crucial that we receive proper photos. If there is a manufacturer's label please get a good picture of that for positive identification. Please take the pictures as per the provided examples. *HINT* to take photos of the underside of the stools try reversing your camera to selfie mode! 

Stool Photos - front view:
Stool Photos - back view:
Stool Photos - underside view:
Help stop spam:

Please take a moment to review your details prior to submission. Thanks

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