SS602 Saddle Seat Stool

SS602 - Saddle Seat Operator Stool

Dental Professionals are prone to lower back, shoulder, and neck pain caused by stretching and reaching over patients while seated.

At Aerostatic we have been working hard to eliminate these problems. We are pleased to introduce our new saddle style seating.

While using our new saddle seat may require you to work at a higher level it will allow you to sit comfortably and maintain the inward curve of your spine in a recommended 'S' shape. By sitting with your hips higher than your knees it will keep your pelvic crest rotated forward and distribute your weight more evenly along your spine.

The Benefit To You:
• Relax your body and minimize pain and fatigue related to muscle tension
• Reduce lower back, neck and shoulder pain
• Relieve posture problems like slouching and rounding of the lower back

Try our new Saddle Seat for a few weeks and see the difference it can make in your life! 

Contact us for a quote and other available colours.


90 Day Warranty


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